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26th-Oct-2016 07:31 pm - Help with veggies...
I may have a few thousand dozen more beets than I know what to do with. Also, many many brussel sprouts, kale, tomatoes, even more carrots, and a pumpkin (that apparently is supposed to be more or less decorative). Suggestions?

Also... what does one do with decorative pretty corn? Bribe crafty demons?
20th-Oct-2016 10:48 am - 3 things
RIS pirate

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I'm making slow cooker soup. This is my process.

[Day before]
- Realize that I have more carrots accumulated from the bi-weekly veggie basket than I have space in my veggie drawers.
+ Decide to make carrot soup for the communal gaming meal.

[First thing in the morning]
- Wake up in morning. Forget that I am making soup.
+++ Drink coffee.
++ Remember that I am making soup. It is still early enough to use the slow cooker. Win.
+ Remove two bags of carrots from fridge.
- Realize how many bags are still left in fridge. Contemplate how many carrots an average family must be expected to eat in a week. Twitch.
+ Decide to use the BIG slow cooker. In a flash of optimism, contemplate that maybe the gaming group will eat ALL MOST of the soup and we will not have to eat carrot soup at every meal for the rest of the week.
+ Lie to self about the likelihood of ill partner developing a unquenchable craving for carrot soup.
+ Peel and trim one bag of carrots.
+ Chop peeled carrots into carrot sticks that will be easy to lift out with tongs later.
+ Place layer of carrots in slow cooker.
+ Contemplate how it can look like there is both too many and too few carrots at the same time.
- Either carrots or slow cooker is lying.
+ Add a full stick of butter, because... butter.
++ Add half a bottle of Late Harvest Riesling wine.
- Notice how small an amount that looks like in the bottom of the slow cooker. Contemplate adding more wine.
-- Remind myself that veggies are mostly water. Don't add more wine.
++ I can add more wine later, if I want.
- Realize that I'm just making mashed carrots at this point.
+ Sweet potatoes are orange.
+ Add peeled and trimmed sweet potatoes to slow cooker.
- Realize how sweet this soup is going to be.
+ Add a clove or two head of garlic.
-- Rescue other cats from being stalked by my precious kitty being a shithead.
+ Wash hands.
-- Precious kitty still being a shithead, but at a distance.
-- Glare at precious shithead, but otherwise ignore drama taking place.
+ Peel and trim Jamaican ginger into chunks that can be easily lifted out later.
- Realize that the quantity of Jamaican ginger that I've bought might strip paint at ten paces when cooked.
+ Only use half of ginger (for now).
+ Contemplate ginger tea.
+ Mix all ingredients in slow cooker on low.
+ Add (what feels like) too much salt.
--- Realize that salt is a flavour enhancer and I always under-salt things due to a teenage babysitter who convinced child-me that my internal organs would look like the pictures of diseased organs in her biology textbook if I had any salt at all.
++ Add more salt.
- Consider more wine.
+ I can always add more wine later.
+ Peel, trim, and slice another half-bag of carrots.
+ Add carrots, because otherwise I'm going to have to figure out something else to do with them.
+ Cover and cook on low.
++ Ignore for hours while I do other things.

+ Check slow cooker.
++ My head is engulfed in ginger steam.
-- Poke carrots with a stick. Carrots are still hard.
-- Consider turning up heat.
++ Remind myself that there is still 6 hours of available cooking time.
++ Note large amount of liquid in the bottom of the slow cooker.
+++ Don't turn up the heat.
+ Don't add more wine.
+ Cover and ignore again.

[Entirety of the remainder of the afternoon...]
+++ Resist urge to un-lid the slow cooker to check on the carrots.

+ I can smell the veggies cooking.
- Stomach growls.

+ Open slow-cooker. Sweet potatoes are mush. Carrots are soft but firm. Ginger is solid and flashing the bird at me.
+ Scoop out solid ginger bits.
+ Consider options for texturizing veggies.
-- Choose unwisely.
----- Note to future self: Don't mash veggies and near-boiling liquid inside a hot cooker. Ow.
+ Consider options again.
++ Check on unwisenesss level of using a hand mixer in a hot bowl of near-boiling veggie matter.
-- Unwiseness level is Extreme and giving me an "Are you sure?" look.
+++ Succeed at my wisdom roll!
+ I go back to my original plan of using a blender.
+++ Blender is a success! Three stars! Will do again.
+++ Taste carrot paste. OMG! YUM! I could just eat this with a spoon.
- I was making soup. Texture is closer to mashed potatoes than soup.
++ Consider options.
+ And water, because water is just like wine, right?
- Nope. Needs salt.
+ I like umami. Check wikipedia for vegetarian umami sources. Celery! I was going to add celery anyway... Time to add celery.
+ Blenders are just like food processors, right?
++ YES! Blending celery, water, and thyme in the blender works. The mix tastes mild. Add mix to soup.
-/+ OMG WTF?? The ginger is now doing Godfather imitations.
- Consider whether celery in fridge was sufficiently killed before being fridged. Decide that it wasn't.
- Why did the celery do that? *cough*umami*cough*
+ Add wine. Add salt. Add thyme. Taste. Repeat.
+ Dump in the rest of the bag of dried Thyme.
+ Glare at precious shithead ginger.
+ Glare at zombie celery.
++ Decide to wait it out.
+ Put cover back on.
+ Add time.

++ Success! Celery flavour has been muted by cooking and ginger flavour is no longer murdering the carrot. Carrot is breathing again.
+ Added salt and let it sit.
+++ Time has done its work.
+ Soup is on warm until serving.
+++ Tastes lovely. Hasn't killed anyone.
+++ Three stars! Would do again! (Which is damn good because I am drowning in carrots.)

++++ Minions are now doing the dishes.
8th-Oct-2016 01:59 pm - Rocks
RIS pirate

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3rd-Oct-2016 10:27 am(no subject)
I'm evil
"How is it possible to be focused in the present one moment and then be catapulted into a seemingly unrelated reaction the next? This happens because of the nature of the unconscious.

Unprocessed, dissociated childhood experiences exist in an eternal now. They are like pockets of time in the unconscious that have no relationship to your present reality. Instead of being part of your ongoing adult awareness, they continue to be filled with all the feelings you had as a child.

To explore the concept of pockets of time, think, for a moment, of something you did last week, a year ago or ten years ago, that you wish you hadn't done. Let it be something you recall readily. If you've thought about it many times and have talked it over with friends, chances are that it no longer has the same charge it did when you were younger. You may no longer get that terrible grabbing feeling in your belly when you remember what you did. It's just something that happened, and it's over now. The memory has been processed. You've made it part of your adult awareness and have come to terms with it, it no longer has the power to pull you into uncomfortable feelings.

If, on the other hand, you still feel a rush of intense shame and discomfort when you think of something you did that you wish you hadn't done, chances are that aspects of the memory continue to remain, unprocessed, in a pocket of time from childhood. When you get triggered, all the feelings and thoughts from that unprocessed pocket of time suddenly flood into your awareness, bringing with them the responses you had back then.

An important part of the healing process is gaining access to these pockets of time and bringing their contents into your adult awareness where they can be processed in ways that were impossible when you were a child. Until this happens, these old experiences aren't really memories. They are more like flashbacks, more like actually being there. As long as they exist in this way, you remain vulnerable to shifting without notice from your everyday adult awareness into a frightened or enraged child part."

-- 'Getting Through The Day: Strategies For Adults Hurt as Children' by Nancy J. Napier
26th-Sep-2016 10:35 am - Thanks
RIS pirate
Thanks‎ Timesink!

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18th-Sep-2016 07:51 pm - I got stuff!
RIS pirate
Thank you Ziggy and Anigo!

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10th-Sep-2016 02:14 pm - Rocks!
RIS pirate
Rocks! (Thanks fbhjr!)
Also, rocks' new home. (maybe nsfw due to sculpture)

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1st-Sep-2016 06:21 pm(no subject)
RIS pirate

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31st-Aug-2016 09:26 am(no subject)
RIS pirate
I got some new colouring books.
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28th-Aug-2016 09:19 am(no subject)
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27th-Aug-2016 01:09 pm(no subject)
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26th-Aug-2016 01:46 pm(no subject)
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